We know it's unique when a mother-in-law (Beckie) and daughter-in-law (Angela) not only get along well, but also go into business together, but that's what we did! Opening a business has been a dream of ours for years, and God answered our prayers! In August of 2015, All Things Country Store 'n More opened in the little town of Belleview in North Central Florida!  Where did all this start?

Well, we knew we wanted to have a place where we could be creative, surrounded by things we loved, where we could share those things that we made and found with others.

We wanted our store to carry handcrafted or unique country furniture and home decor, and we wanted other people who make or go pickin' to be able to earn extra money without having to sit at a flea market for days or wait for months for the next craft show.

We wanted a shop where customers felt welcome, where they could browse with their family and friends, and find unique treasures they could take home with them or gift to some special person. We didn't want the usual and standard store. We wanted different.  

Sooooooo...after a lot of planning, research, and lots of HARD WORK (!!!!), we found the perfect location, even though it's hiding behind a tire store. We opened with only about 10 vendors; today we have 132 who bring in the most amazing furniture and decor you've ever seen. We have a Kids Corner Market where little ones can play while the big people shop, and a Grumpy Spouse Waiting Area for you-know-who to sit and relax. We have awesome coffee and different blends of tea, on the house. Our little produce stand is stocked by a local mom and pop market. We carry local honey, and locally made kettle corn.  And our on-line store is just the craziest thing ever!

We have a relationship with two other stores close by ours:  Mossy Oaks Antique Mall and House to Home. We work together instead of competing. We love it! 

We have a War Room Prayer Book where people can write down their prayer requests. We have a Bible Verse of the Day behind our counter. We pray for our customers and our vendors every day before we open. We try our best to honor God in everything we do, every decision we make, every person we meet.  Enough of the nuts and bolts...time to meet US!

Handcrafted or Unique Country Furniture and Home Decor

Angela is married to Beckie's middle son. She's a homeschooling mom, helps her husband with their nonprofit youth program, and is on the pastoral team with him at their church. She sings in the choir and teaches children's church, too. She's our decorator, consignor's coordinator, and an artist. In her spare time - wait. She doesn't have any of that! We know we're in trouble, though, when Angela gets the urge to rearrange. Sometimes the whole store! She gets this LOOK on her face. And hours later...voila! Everything is moved, rearranged...and beautiful!

Beckie is a retired cop (who likes to fish, obviously). This is way more fun! She does the books, marketing, and everything computers, with the huge help of computer genius and grandson, Christian, Angela's son. Actually walks around with her phone, Facebooking, answering emails and messages, posting photos. Sometimes runs into things. She sleeps with her phone in her hand we think. She makes cool signs, but doesn't know how to decorate. Don't ask her to put a chicken where it goes. She'll just walk around with it until Angela takes pity on her. And she drinks coffee. All day long. Stay away from her if her cup is empty. Really. She sings, too. Loud. Sometimes off-key. We love her anyway.
Beckie "The Mom"

WHAT WE DO: We have a 3000 square foot store filled with the most beautiful collection of every kind of handcrafted or unique country furniture and home decor that we make or find, or that over 130 vendors bring in that THEY'VE made or found. We get new items in every single day!

HOW WE DO IT: Our Facebook page is our main focus (sorry website!). Every week we post 30-50 new photos. Many customers "shop" through the photos, comment on them to ask about the price or measurements and, if they want us to, we add items online for them. If they change their minds, we don't mind at all! They've helped us get another thing online! We get so much new inventory in, or we sell it, we can't keep up with adding things online. This might sound crazy, but it works! We don't have a big warehouse filled with inventory for our online store. What's online is sold in our store at the same time.

Think about it...instead of having to search through menus and single photos...just look at all the beautiful decor in our Facebook photos! See how it's placed, how something else looks with it. Get some awesome ideas for your home with things you already have as well! Have questions about decor? Just ask! We're always glad to help!

OUR FAITH: Most importantly, we're a faith-based business. We give credit and thanks to the good Lord for everything He's blessed us with, we trust Him to keep us on the right path, and we honor Him by trying to conduct ourselves in a way that is pleasing to Him. Our store's name is from a favorite Bible verse, "I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me." (Phil. 4:13).

Welcome to our home away from home! C'mon in, and we'll tell you a little bit (OK, a LOT) about our store and who we are.​