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December 2017


Working late on a special order sign tonight. Sitting on my front porch, resting hand and Dremel for awhile. It's so peaceful, and probably the first time in days I've had a chance to let my mind wander. We get so caught up in the busy-ness of the holidays, we end up losing moments like this. Little bits of beauty in a day...or a late night...



I came into the shop this morning tired and a little irritated from our busy weekend. One thing that added to my lack of sleep was that our neighbor's HOUSE BLEW UP in the middle of the night. They weren't home, thank the Lord. Even more unsettling was that it was a burglary and arson. Had a hard time sleeping last night, hearing noises and dogs barking. Asked God finally to guard our homes and help the whole neighborhood rest (I know it wasn't just me).

Soooo...this morning, after I got after my grandson for the tenth time over some ridiculously minor little kid thing (HE BOUNCED A BASKETBALL NEXT TO ME, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE!!) I realized I needed to calm myself down, ask God for forgiveness and peace, and take my own advice.

PERSPECTIVE. No matter how tired and cranky I am, my poor sweet neighbors, who've worked HARD all their lives for what they have, are dealing directly with the aftermath of someone BLOWING UP THEIR HOUSE! I'm not. Our home is fine. Our family has a roof over our heads. We haven't lost a thing, except for some peace of mind. God's got this!

So. I can go on being irritated and snapping at my grandson, or I can give him a big hug, a kiss, an "I'm sorry," and get back to my usual happy self, thankful for another day in our shop that God blessed us with, genuinely happy to see our customers and vendors who pop in. I'm going to choose happy...because it IS my choice.

And I'm going to grab a cup of coffee after I make amends with that "all boy" awesome grandson of mine.

Have a blessed day...Beckie

Drought and Floods


Sooooo...last month, Florida was on fire because of the severe drought. We all prayed for rain. Now, we're flooded everywhere, sinkholes opening up, and a bad storm right before we closed yesterday knocked out our Internet system (temporary fix, but still up and running this morning after a LATE night...yay!).

Could have been very stressful, especially after the loud crash/boom/explosion at the exact moment I opened the front door to get our produce inside!! (Oh, my heart!)

But, we're learning how to make everything COUNT! It became an adventure. I got to spend time with my 16 year old grandson, working with two companies, hours on the phone, a trip to Walmart for computer supplies and FOOD...we teamed up, laughing afterward about crawling under the counter to untangle wires and try the next idea out.

We conferred, collaborated, cooperated...bonded. What might have ended up being a stinking waste of our time, a total irritation, a rant against nature and technology clashing--with nature winning--turned into a fond memory, and satisfaction, and much gratitude to God for giving us the patience and wisdom to get it figured out.

Life gives you seasons of drought and floods, trying times of deep sadness and seemingly unending stress, but also overwhelming joy and contentment...and it's all how you look at it, and it's how you respond. Have an awesome day!